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#Docentes del #Mundo ¿Que os parece visitar hoy con vuestros alumnos dos #exposiciones en el #Museo #Wurth de la #Rioja ?

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Be eSafe (Seguridad en Red) (I)

Let´s learn some tips about Cybersecurity. You are going to learn some concepts and you will demonstrate your new knowledge in a digital product.

1st Play a game (This sounds quite nice)

Game: Hackers VS CyberCrook (created by INCIBE)

Complete the game and make yourself a picture where your face con be seen, the final screen of the game and the obtained final mark. Also make a picture with your passwords of the game. DO NOT write your personal passwords.

2nd Check all the information links that appear right now in the game

Just when you finishes you will find theese collection of links. (“Saber más” in Red)

Each of the middle buttons of this list is a web of the resources about the labelled topic, that you will need to know for continuing this assignment.

3rd Discuss what you know

You have a friend that doesn’t know anything about ciber-security. He asks you some concepts that he has heard somewhere (you have to make up a background to context the discussion) and you have to explain those concepts or try to make him to understand the concepts.

In Pairs, you have to do a conversation that includes some concepts (will be posted in the II part). It has to be clear that you know what you are explaining. You may reference the concepts to news or explain the concepts with little examples. It’s not about definitions of terms, it’s about introducing the terms correctly in the conversation.

4th Check Be eSafe (Seguridad en Red) (II)