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#Peonza de #FPBásica reconocida por @La_UPM

Hasta ahora no ha sido posible realizar esta foto donde aparecen la mayoría de los alumnos con nuestra muy estimada Peonza de Plata de @edublogsespiral puesto que varios alumnos estaban en las FCT (Formación en Centros de Trabajo) y es esta semana hemos podido realizar la foto y además nos hemos enterado de otra noticia.

Ayer 2@educaINTEF twiteó

y veo que hemos salido con nuestro proyecto realizado con Formación Profesional Básica como ejemplo de experiencia de aplicación de Realidad Aumentada en una publicación universitaria de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid:

Muchas gracias @Alegriabs por tenernos en cuenta!

MIE Expert 2016/2017

After a selection process from the regional Microsoft representative considering quality, the level of innovation and use of Microsoft tools I have been selected as Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2016-17.


The selected teachers in the whole world can be found at:

I want to thank Microsoft for its choice: I am glad and excited, and it is a challenge for me as a lively teacher to keep on improving.

FCL Ambassador at La Rioja

During June 2015, I have been selected as the FCL Ambassador at La Rioja.

It has been an idea made reality of spreading the net of FCL

What is the Future Classroom Lab? Where are they placed?

Their web ( informs many courses and many different activities about what will be the classroom of the future.

I will keep you informed with my humble work in this site and also in the official Blog at Procomun .




El cambio, Lifestyle change. Winner of YouTubosque2014 B (Spanish and English subtitles)

This short film was made by a group of students of k-10 students from the C.P.C. Los Boscos at Logroño (Spain).

It was presented to the contest called YouTubosque 2014, which tries to get an educative video for respecting the nature and try to disseminate a culture of sustainability for the students.

Now you can watch it with subtitles in different languages.