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Fly me to the #World, and let me #learn among the #MIEE

The Skype-a-Thon of this year was a real experience for Opening Minds. About 75 Students participated in the experience of travelling inside the class Worldwide.

We have travelled 151, 876 miles to many different countries all over the world along these two days (28th and 29th of November 2017) #Australia #Russia #India #Qatar #Argentina #US #Tailand #Vietnam #Bulgaria #SriLanka #Egypt #Hawai #Pakistan … We are very proud of contributing with a 1% of the Whole World Skypeathon! 🙂 🙂

At that was not only travelling. Different learning objectives were achieved for different Classroom Subjects such as:

  • Culture, Traditions and lifestyle in Russia, Japan,..
  • Art, Handcraft from India, and Paintings by 4-5 Years Aborigins at Australia
  • Geography, Where have we travel with 33 trips with a map. Is this global class ? 🙂
  • History, USS Misouri at
  • STEM, Piramids architecture at Egypt, Sigiriya Buildings at Sri Lanka
  • Languages Speaking English, Spanish,.. and getting awareness of real Communication

Now a bit more of collaboration:

Students, please post here your ideas. Shall we repeat this? Was it a real experience? What have you learnt? Whad did you like most?



Skypeathon 2017

If you want to register a session with us, please request it at MEC profile:

If you want to participate in our event attending in person at the Scheduled events at CPC Los Boscos please fill in this registration form for different Events (afternoon) at Skype-a-thon 2017:

And some resources created by students that may help you for the preparation for the different Mystery Games:

  • Mystery Flag

  • Mystery Animal

  • Mystery Skype



Skype in the Classroom Experiences

I open my Classroom to the world using Skype. It allows me collaboration, learning, virtual trips and discover another innovative teachers, students, cultures and experiences all over the world.

122K Miles gave me adventures, experiences, Space, Elephants, Artic, lots of fun learning English and many New Friends! Happy hunting, happy Skyping! 🙂

Colegio viajero: 66216 km en un día

El martes día 29 de noviembre se celebró la jornada mundial de Skype para las Aulas. Dentro de este contexto, los alumnos del colegio estaban tan motivados e implicados que hicimos una Maratón real. Intervinieron alumnos de Secundaria y Formación Profesional.

Con todo esto la Maratón fue un éxito, para ser la primera vez que participamos. Tras un largo e intenso día de conexiones internacionales y charlas con alumnos de nacionalidades muy distintas y después de “haber recorrido” un total de 41145 millas .

Qué opinan los alumnos? A mis alumnos: os pido comentarios, para ver si merece la pena repetirla.