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Netmification 2017

In the Code Week 2017 that last from 7th to 22nd of october, we are going to code. Our event:

The first week, vocational training students are going to prepare prepare the content of the subject through the creation of a game with curricular content. They study first and after that they start creating, developing the Computational Thinking and Problem solving at the same time. Once prepared, they develop  their Teaching skills with Secondary Students. Seguir leyendo Netmification 2017


Draw the Net 2017

Welcome to the Internet Day (17-05)!

We are going to celebrate this event and we are going to learn at the same time. You have to create a drawing about what does Internet means to you.

All your works in the following gallery:

And, as we use to do, you should Tweet today your Internet Day, including:

<own text for cellebration>  #diadeinternet @gmedranotic <your public url of the assignment> 

This is the event:

Only one hour, so hurry up!

Upload the Tweet in Schoology before the due date.


Enlace para visualizar y votar:|398|398


La Chaise en français

Les élèves de troisième du secondaire , ont représenté une pièce intitulée La Chaise.
Le jeu va de temps différent de l’histoire , de la préhistoire à l’espace , ayant en commun la chaise.
Les élèves ont beaucoup apprécié le jeu et les acteurs et actrices ont fait un travail brillant.
Ici vous pouvez voir quelques-unes des parties du jeu et aussi le bon spectacle:

Scratch Day 2016: Game Makers!

Welcome to the Scratch Day!

This year the event will be the creation of a whole game. That simple but that hard. You can take codes from other projects or what you need in your program.

The value of the project will be based on the modifications you will made of your remix, not in the whole project. If you decide to make it from no template all your work will be considered.

The due date of this assignment is on the Scratch Day Event created in this link:

After you submit your assignment you will play all of them so that you can mark the games, in the following link:

And you can mark the games in this link: