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Draw the Net 2017

Welcome to the Internet Day (17-05)!

We are going to celebrate this event and we are going to learn at the same time. You have to create a drawing about what does Internet means to you.

All your works in the following gallery:

And, as we use to do, you should Tweet today your Internet Day, including:

<own text for cellebration>  #diadeinternet @gmedranotic <your public url of the assignment> 

This is the event:

Only one hour, so hurry up!

Upload the Tweet in Schoology before the due date.


Enlace para visualizar y votar:|398|398


How to motivate Students with Coding?

This year we will celebrate the Hour of Code with My students will learn coding by playing the diferent tutorials that can be found there.

There in the computer room,  they were provided with the access codes and the rest was fun!

They brought some merchandising staff to celebrate it ant it was a real pleasure to give each of them the certificate!

How to motivate Students with Coding? Gamification to your Classroom!

Tengo una duda…let’s surf again

En esta sociedad actual, toca buscarla, pero a veces puede ser complicado. Este posteito quiere, con la ayuda de un pequeño mapa mental, ayudar a resolver dicha cuestión planteada:Tengo una duda_gmedranotic

En este siguiente link, podréis ver el mapa mental interactivamente con links y con más información:—-mind_maps?frame=trueMapa Mental creado con GoConqr por Gmedrano TIC