Skype in the Classroom Experiences

I open my Classroom to the world using Skype. It allows me collaboration, learning, virtual trips and discover another innovative teachers, students, cultures and experiences all over the world.

122K Miles gave me adventures, experiences, Space, Elephants, Artic, lots of fun learning English and many New Friends! Happy hunting, happy Skyping! 🙂


33 comentarios en “Skype in the Classroom Experiences”

  1. I was on three Mystery skype’s. I like the experience and I find it interesting because we learn English and other cultures talking to people from other places.
    Once we guessed their country and they lied to us telling us that we had not guessed it.

  2. I was a three session Mystery skype’s, Its was and amazing experience we talk with people of all places. I like when we were dancing and singing at the end of the game.
    The first time we say the place but they say no, it was a lie because in the end we ask they and they say the same place

  3. I was on three Mystery skype’s. I like the experience and I find it interesting because we learn English and other cultures talking to people from other places. But I still do not have enough time to attend after school

  4. I attended all Mystery Skype less in one of the elephants.

    The one that I liked more certainly was the one of New York, where I saw rockets in the space museum
    Where I learned a variety of things, about astronauts, and how they lived in space during their explorations. How did they eat, slept.

    Something special for me was how well we were treated at each of them. In each of the mysterious skypes, apart from having a good time, meet new people and their cultures, and guess what the country and what country they are. Truly a very good experience.

  5. Well I was participating in most of the activities. Mystery Skype seemed a very interesting thing to know new things of other cultures and other people, and to know for example where they had to guess. The space seemed to me Very interesting thing to know things that did not know how it was fed, as they ate …. The Arctic I found a nice thing because I learned many things I did not know.

  6. The truth is that the skypes of mystery are very funny because you learn a lot about other cultures, to compete amicably with the other class. I have been to most of them and what I like most are the snacks we make after playing with other countries

  7. I was in all but the last I could not go.

    The mysterious skype I liked a lot but the best was the visit to the space museum.

    It really was interesting the examples that the guide of the space museum taught us.
    It was nice to talk to people from other countries and know their culture and customs.
    I also found it interesting to talk about the Arctic since I learned a lot that I did not know.

    It is a way of learning to play and improve English and study at the same time. These activities should be considered in more subjects

  8. I´ve been in all of the Skype experiences, i´d liked the most the experience of meeting people all arround the world and has been an amazing way to improve my English, the elephant`s santuarys day was my favorite.

  9. I’ve been in at least 10 skype calls and I liked the most the experience of meeting other countries, their culture and people, and even has been a huge step to improve our English. The Elephant sanctuary one was by far one of the most interesting that we did because we were watching an amazing presentation where we could learn a lot of fact about the elephants and then we saw a live video of the sanctuary.

  10. It was something new for us as we never did these things, but for me it was not fun, I got bored.
    I have been in 4 of them and another one that was tried in Christmas but could not be realized since the one of the airplanes was not.
    For me the one I liked the most was the boys from Africa

  11. I have only been in those that have been done in class, the first ones were interesting, but in the end I did not like them. I stay with a skype where the students from the other country made the “dab” the celebration of a footballer.

  12. I believe I have attended three or four Mystery Skype, which we have done in English class.
    What I liked the most about this activity was trying to guess where the other classes were through what we asked and they will answer with a yes or no and I also liked when we had already resolved where we were singing and Dance for example “La Macarena”.
    The good thing about this activity is that we have the opportunity to meet people from other cities and get to know the typical things and cultures … This activity helps us to put into practice what you know English and you have to learn more.

  13. I have been in 3 sessions of Mystery Skype,I liked it a lot,I have met new people and new cultures from different countries and it was quite funny.The Mystery Skype session that I liked the most was the Elephant Sanctuary Of TennesseeI learned a lot from the elephants and I had a good time.I hope to have another session of Mystery Skype.Good Bye :).

  14. Hi I come to one of them and We cant do anything because the other people aren´t connected. And in all of then than we do at class I stay really good moments because i think that talk with people of other country is very interesting. It is a good idea to practice oral english. with all the people that we talk are so friendly and i want to do more things like that.

  15. I’ve been in three Mystery skype’s. What I liked the most was that the girls of the country that we had to guess was that they hallucinated with my companions
    What happens is that we usually end up singing and sometimes we dance the Macarena

  16. I have participated in 5 skypes more or less and it has been very enjoyable because we communicated with people from many different countries, for example: Canada, Dubai, Philippines, England and Nigeria.
    They have taught us things typical of their countries: food, songs, dances and some traditions.
    What I liked most is the things that I have learnt with other people and how much I’ve laughed with them.
    One of the experiences that I most liked was at Christmas when we sang carols and danced the Macarena for Canada and we enjoyed a lot.
    It was a great experience!!

  17. I was in three mystery skype. I liked the most was that
    i could with any person from anywhere in the world and you
    learn to speak english. In which I could go to look at the
    elephants in their own habitat

  18. Hi I am Adelina
    I´ve been to many of the skype calls ,I don´t know but I think that I attended 3 in class and 4 extracurricular approximately.
    What I like most about the skype calls is that I learn more about the other class´s culture ,something about their city, traditions and history.
    I like when somebody wins because everybody is happy.And I like when the both of us sing or dance a traditional song or dance for the other class.
    It´s also very interesting when all the class work together .
    Many of the special moments of the skype calls are when both groups sing and dance a traditional spanish song ´´La Macarena´´ and when we win and start to celebrate it with all the class.This is a very interesting activity.
    I like this type of activities becouse are very entertaining and educational.
    I would recommend it to everybody.It´s very innteresting!

  19. I’ve been in 3 mistery skypes sessions and everything I can say it’s that it’s so funny and interesting. The best thing for me is try to guess the country find it in a map or something similar. Something special happen in the second skype, We say to they to dance all together and thrn they accept and all start to dance, So funny!!!

  20. I´ve been on three or four of the skype calls, I can say that it was really impressive to hear how people from other countries that don´t speak english as a mother language speak english. and i was impressed with their pronuciation. That was what I liked most, because sometimes it’s funny but other times you can learn how to correct your own pronunciation.The objective of the activities is to guess where they are, and to meet people from other countries and learn about other cultures. The most wonderful about each one of them is that final moment before the guess of the city, when they know the country or we know it, because we start to learn and ask about their culture and not about the name from they are. I think is really good idea to do that activities to learn more about cultures and about the english and correct our english.

  21. I´ve been in many skypes of mystery skypes. I liked the experience because we have learnt about many cultures and we´ve met people. We have practised our english also. I liked most about mystery skype that is very funny and I enjoyed doing it. The most funny mystery skype was all

  22. i´ve been in 4 mystery skypes
    i liked talking with people from other countriese and the competitivity
    especially the singing.Iliked it when they sang for us a song from their country
    i liked the experiece because we learnt things about their culture

  23. I’ve been in 3 mystery skypes sessions and all of these were awesome the one i like the most was the time when we talked with a indian woman and she told us about christmas in india. I liked it when we sang songs and then she sang to us.

  24. I’ve been in 4 mystery sypes with my classmates and we had a lot of fun talking with people from another country and learning things about the culture of that country.
    What I liked the most was finding where are they located.
    Something special that happened was when they sang for us and we sang and danced for them too!
    We have to repeat because we want to meet more people from other countries.

  25. i´ve been in 4 mystery skypes
    i liked talking with people from other countries and the competitivity
    especially the singing.I liked it when they sang for us a song from their country
    i liked the experience because we learnt things about their culture

  26. I have been in at the very least four Mystery Skype experiences. The things I liked the most were the fact that you could interact with other students that are thousands and thousands of kilometers away and also that by playing the game you are able to learn the names of diferents places and countries. In my opinion this activity should be done again the next year because of the facts above. What I disliked of the activity is that there was very little improvisation in the game because all the questions were already made and written in a paper and the fact that the sound and the micro was of bad quality so either they weren’t able understand us or we weren’t able to understand their questions and answers. Something special that we did and I remember is when we danced The Macarena in front of the other players in Mystery Skype.

  27. I have been in 3 Mystery Skype I think. They were very cool and good fun.
    The Mystery Skyke I liked most, it was with South Africa, because the people here are kind and inteligent.
    At the end of one Mystery Skype, our class sang a song for the other people, it was so funny.

  28. I’ve been in 4 myster skypes.
    I liked meeting people the other countries(Dubai, South Africa…etc) and talking with them. I learn more English and I feel very gratifying
    because you can watch the different cultures for example.(how study).
    Before the end of myster skype, they singing and dancing”la macarena” is music typical in Spain.
    The experience has been pretty and I repeat location.

  29. I have been to lots of mystery skypes, I think problably 6 or 7 more or less. My favorite was when we played the Mystery skype with children (about 11 or 12 years old). They live in Israel, and they told us how they live there. But all the Mystery skypes are awsome.
    One amazing thing that happened on one of the mystery skype is that my class danced and sang the song “La Macarena” . This is the best moment. But there are more fantastic moments, like when the children sang a traditional song of their country, I was excited.
    Also I learn lots of things about other cultures. A woman of Afganistan told us that at chrismas they eat beef and don’t have a tree with the complements. The best of this project is that we improved our English.
    I could’t go to the elephants skype and the space museum but I think these activities are good for us. I recommend you to do these activities because it’s very interesting and is good for your learning.

  30. As I said a lot of times, I think this activity is really important and exciting because we can learn about others countries, their culture, what they like, how they live, etc. And at the same time we have fun.

    I don’t know exactly how many mystery Skypes I was in, but I think they were 7 – 8 more or less. I couldn’t go to the elephants and the space museum one, I’m quite disappointed because everyone says that they were very interesting.

    My favourite was the first one because I think the others were very similar, so I had a great time but it wasn’t the same. I think that because you always have to guess where they live so it makes it repetitive.

    My best experience was when the other country was singing the song ‘I want to wish you a merry christmas’and in the middle of the song we started to sing the same song and we finished singing it alone.

  31. I have participated in three or four Mystery Skype more or less. It’s a very gratifying experience because you learn a lot of information about other countries.
    I remember a girl who explained to us a lot of things about her culture, I dont’t remember well but I believe that she was from Egypt.
    One of the funniest things to happen in the Mystey Skype was at the end because we showed them one of the most popular dances in Spain, it’s ” La Macarena” and in one we were surprised that they knew the dance.


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