Learning Design for PBL

After the collaboration activities, trying them to work interdependently and being autonomous, I will show the next step for leading the task to a successful one. In my experience, I have realized that students have many difficulties finding their own way to leading the group. I had planned some time to solve this but now I will add some question that they have to review and answer before they go to the next level.

Hopefully these questions will do a deeper understanding of the task and will make them to get inside what they are doing. My task in the class will be motivating them and thinking guiding and accurate questions for each of the moments. Also motivating and coaching to improve the resilience of the students.

I have reviewed the design to provide opportunity for students:

  • to identify the questions they would like to pursue (within the context of your Driving Question)
  • to make choices on all key project-related aspects such as resources used, products created, use of time, etc.
  • to take significant responsibility and work independently from the teacher, but with guidance if necessary
  • to reflect during the project about their own work and learning
  • LD_PBL_gmedranotic

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and this is the short link:




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