Reflections about PBL

Time to reflect: There are many methodologies and PBL is highlighted as a good one. But this depends on what are we normally doing in class and if our teaching skills suits for all of the methodologies. Here I will point out some considerations to have in mind and some experiences that YOU as a reader can comment:

What teaching strategy do I use most commonly? 

I use to create a learning environment instead of teaching. That process is supported with books, internet and a workshop. For those processes I use different methodologies such as PBL, IBL, and some bits of Flipped. One single strategy makes boring in many workshop hours and this is a good solution.

What do I do most of the time in the classroom?

Let the students work. I help them, not with direct knowledge, making questions for their thinking process and trying to make them feel self-confident and autonomous.

Do I already use some PBL approaches? What works, doesn’t work?

I have done some approaches this year, i.e. Example 1 or Example 2.

In the PBL approaches the curation of content for getting knowledge normally works fine. My students are from 15-18 years old and they use internet as a knowledge bank. They have skills at finding information in the Net.

On the other hand, they have some problems on collaboration in groups. They like doing more that planning (Vocational Teaching)

How do you find out about your student needs and how do you incorporate this knowledge in your teaching?

The driving question is fundamental to achieve this purpose. When I plan a PBL, y think firstly in the tasks that are required in the didactical unit and after that I make relations between the different tasks. When I have the global idea, then I started to think in the driving question an finally re-adapt everything to fit like a jigsaw.


In the Example 2 the context was Students of Basic Vocational Training in the subject about Networks combined with ICT, for students between 15 – 18 years, with some technical knowledge (Second year).


Picture: Network patch panel of Brent Hensarling



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