PBL Question Analysis

I will sumarise some thing to have in mind not-to-forget, when thinking about the driving question for our PBL.

The question can be from any of these topics (taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcH16hIuoEA):types_of_pbl_question

And moreover, the question should achieve these rules:

  • should be open-ended,
  • engage and inspire students by creating curiosity,
  • be aligned to your learning goals,
  • be non-Googleable.

In the Example 2 the context was Students of Basic Vocational Training in the subject about Networks combined with ICT, for students between 15 – 18 years, with some technical knowledge (Second year).

The task consisted in creating a video-budget as an innovation in their freelance future job. The question was creating that product, with no more rules. Lets analice it:

  • The question drove the students (in pairs) to the video product that should include some technical data, but was an open result. Considering as a product for innovation it was close, but I thought that I had to put some limits for a better assessment.
  • It was motivating. For sure! The Students of vocational Learning are guided directly to a job, and this idea of freelance, and doing a video motivates them a lot.
  • It was aligned in the objectives of Networking Hardware and Video editting of ICT. Transversal skills as enterpreneurship and mathematical skills were involved.
  • Was not Googleable. The product it is not common, and also there is no a single solution for that video.

I think I could let them wider products for next time, but it was a good first step.



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