Outside and location activities

Location activities are in my opinion a teaching methodologies to consider. A well planned Location game can be very motivating, and they will have a lot of learning (GPS, position system, smartphone as a working tool, content of the subject, etc.), but on the other side they need a technology device (using Byod) and they can be distracted.

One example for this activities is creating a mpa with a google drive form. Quite good result for this automated process.

This is the form you can fill in ONLY 10 seconds (I ask you to fill if you want) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Z0uNMPF82694526Vv0G_1L72CyJ_REJ0HfxpGNJuysE/viewform

and this is the result you may find


One virtual tour I have created is this one:



And as a Memory Palace this one:teachinglang



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